the mystery of every person… the mystery of me.

“Eliminate and concentrate.”.

I  heard this phrase from a classmate tonight, when we were discussing the process of simplifying one’s life.

“Eliminate the unnecessary… concentrate on the necessary.

Eliminate the noise… concentrate on the core of the matter.

Get to the heart of it.”

…I thought.

Tonight, during the same class, I chirped in my two cents about my personal thoughts about the experience of being in the psychotherapy room with clients.

I like to think every person has his/her own “-ology.” For example: Is your name John? Then you have your own John-ology. When I am with clients, I pray that the Holy Spirit helps me to learn every unique client-ology, which I believe is just a tiny study of the Total Mystery of Our Lord, the ultimate “-OLOGY” Himself.

Our LORD is the Ultimate Being to be studied. He is the Alpha Omega Mystery! But, O, how exhilarating to know that we can still know bits and pieces of Him by studying all of Creation, including the -ologies of various academic disciplines, as well as every human soul itself, a creation of the Creator.

We, God’s children, are all a part of Him. Baptized in Christ, we too are bone of His bones… flesh of His flesh. We are made in very His image and likeness. We possess an -ology, a mystery all our own, as unique sons or daughters of God.

As a counselor AND equally in my life outside of being a counselor, I like to pray to the Holy Spirit: How can I eliminate what is going on in my life… concentrate on this soul before me… and tap into the mystery of this person? Holy Spirit, help me tap into the MYSTERY of this PERSON!

Yes, every person that I meet introduces me to God in a unique way. In fact, I will never know God in that unique way in the face of ANY other person. How beautiful is that?!

Tonight my classmates and professors were moved by what I said, but I knew that I could take none of the credit. It’s all God’s. And all of this thought about the “mystery” of every person relates to what I have learned from Blessed Pope John Paul II, who always spoke of the “dignity” of every person.


As Lent 2013 starts to unfold, I realize as I “eliminate and concentrate” on GOD Himself, Our Lord will not only reveal more about His own mystery to me, but also more about how I reflect His mystery, and how I truly am His beloved!

“The root of all holiness is romance.”

This Lent, I am excited to try to grow in holiness so I can fall deeper into that Mystery of Love who has created me as bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh… out of pure love for me.

It’s Not What You Do…

…It’s who you are. And you are His. And that is enough– to belong to Love. 🙂



When we are His, we are like kids again. Our joy comes back… We try our best at just… Living. He’s in charge, and we just do the best we can do to listen to Our Father. We won’t be perfectly His kids… We might mess up from time to time. But that is expected. We are children of God. We should not be too anxious, but instead remember that He will always perfectly LOVE and ADORE us!

Luke 12:28: “If God so clothes the grass in the field that grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will he not much more provide for you, O you of little faith?”