not just luck, but cosmic glue

It seems that lovers are meant to have those “aha! I knew we were meant for each other all along” moments. Epiphanies of such curious serendipity bring strength to a relationship. They bring meaning and purpose and a powerful sense of invincibility. These aha moments hold two individuals together like cosmic glue.

I can’t help but smile thinking of all of the circumstances and coincidences that my spouse and I have deemed as part of our own cosmic glue. For instance, we were both incredibly in love with New  York City. He had family there, and I took a trip there at the golden age of ten ,and it would leave an indelible mark on my heart. We also found out that we both received our First Holy Communion on the same exact day!

I can’t help but believe that all of these circumstances that were so coincidental before we even met are all part of the holy will of God. My hopeless romantic heart will believe in this cosmic glue theory until the day that I die. And I gladly will tell my son of each and every one of these aha moments!

This has to be more than good luck, for this is far too good than I could ever conceive! These are my thoughts, the words of my heart.

I refuse to attribute the good things in my life to luck. I know that my God must have a master plan, because sheer chance could never deal out to me the goodness that I have met.

What good things do you hold dear in your life? What good things are you grateful for, and simply beyond amazed by? Why is that so? Wonder about the sheer serendipity in your life.

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