quoth the Beatles…


Came across this and thought it was cute and clever. It made think about how in human love we often calculate, yet how God in his love does not calculate. In fact, his Son, love and mercy incarnate, sacrifices his whole life without counting the cost. He would have done so even if rejected by all.

I have always been drawn to the concept of the New Evangelization. It is the concept of bringing the Gospel– and a “culture of life”– to a world who has heard the good news, possibly claims to live in it, but in actuality still remains untransformed by it. A huge part of the New Evangelization is spreading a deep and real love for the teachings of the Church.

Without love and mercy, however, these teachings fall flat– and the Truth remains dead in pharasical judgement.

On the contrary, though, with love and mercy, these teachings incite passionate fire– and the Truth comes alive through compassion!

Now, that latter thought is what really excites me and gets me up outta bed every single morning!

Being married has really helped me to see how Jesus is love and mercy himself.

My husband shows me this side of Jesus, both in his actions and deep love for me and also with my his pure, selfless, and genuine love and care for others.

Moreover, when my husband and I do not get along, or when we are downright irritating and upsetting one another, I am called not just to “be nice” or to “be a respectful wife,” but to be Love and Mercy Himself: to be Christ to my husband. Now THAT is a true vocation, a true “calling,” as vocation iw defined. It is a humbling and hard mission, but transforming indeed!

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy (as Pope Francis has dedicated), I hope to grow in the spirit and the letter of love and mercy…. all in Jesus’s name and in the name of the New Evangelization. And All for Jesus, He who is Love and Mercy Himself.

I pray that my roles as wife, mother, family member, friend, counselor, teacher, and stranger are strengthened as I attempt to be a more intentional disciple of Our LORD. Not for my own reward, but because God’s love is too good to pass on and not to want tk grow in– and because it is to awesome (gross understatement) not to want to share with everyone I meet.


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