so bring on the thunder

This afternoon my flight was diverted to another city due to thunderstorms. Watching them in the sky as I flew in the same level of atmosphere was so surreal! Made me really think about how powerless I am against the elements.


Whenever I fly, I am filled with this great awe for how beautiful this planet is in all its terrain, weather, and seasons. O so trite but o so true. And whenever I fly, I feel like the skies and the elements collaboratively become this cosmic equalizer over the people riding the plane that I am on. Why? Because all passengers on my plane and I have our lives literally in the hands of the same pilot. All strangers to one another, we are all simply the same anonymous face to one another. And all of us are placing our lives in the hands of one person. 

Different paths in life, but for a brief moment, one shared journey, one shared destination, even id for just one frame in our respective lives.

Yet isn’t this just a microcosmic model of the macrocosmic universe, of our respective “real lives” indeed?

We share this frail human condition, and the common denominator is that we literally are all in it together. 

Flights and strangers and placing my life in the hands of one person always make me think: 

Who am I in this beautiful mess of humanity? What do I bring to the world? Who has God made me to be in the bigger picture and the universal story? Who will I be when I walk off that plane and back into “real life”?

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