we all need that bowl

My son wakes up in the morning just ready for anything. He’s all smiles and full of energy. Even when my energy is low, it’s hard not to wake up just to soak up his inner sunshine. Oh, to be a kid (baby) again!

This morning in particular, while playing with my son on the bed, I put this clear plastic bowl atop my son’s head in a teasing manner. He was immediately all smiles and a little giggle machine!

I thought to myself: how simple. A clear plastic bowl, and it’s made his whole day. Don’t we all need that “bowl” in our life? That one thing we look forward to, rain or shine? That thing that will set us on the right foot for the day, or that will help ease our wound-up soul after along day?

Though I come off as bubbly, I would have to say that I always have this inner dialogue in my mind that is pretty, well, serious. It’s a voice that tells me “you need to do a, b, c… or you’re not good enough” or “you need to be x, y, z… or you’re not good enough.”

My husband has gently told me time and time again that I “just need to relax” and “need to take it slow.” God did, after all, create the Sabbath for a couple reasons: to worship and to rest…. to recreate… so He could re-create us and make us feel new again!

Having a child– and marrying a man who knows how to “take it easy” and be the biggest goofball sometimes– truly has helped me again to see LIFE with eyes of wonder.

What joy it has been as I have tried to “be a kid again” and tried to find that zest in life.

Yes, I find that I am a better wife, mother, and person in general when I don’t take myself so seriously and indulge in those little “bowl on my head” moments in life.




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