now that’s intimate

Sometimes, I think about how vastly technology has changed the human experience. It’s made things “easier” in so many ways. Communication, for instance. But has the quality of communicating been degraded?

I feel that text messages cannot stand in lieu of heart-to-heart phone calls. And phone calls and “Skype dates” cannot indefinitely replace in-person bonding (although they are great for when it’s not possible to be physically together).

But sometimes, you need to be in a person’s arms; you need to be wrapped in their warmth.

Sometimes, you need to see a person’s lips move while they convey their advice to you– then touch your hand when you cry.

Sometimes, you gotta pass an hour at a cafe, or half a day at a mall, or a whole day at home with a friend, or a family member, or your spouse.

This pondering about how our way of relating has been made more superficial via technology (in some ways, at least) made me think of Our LORD in the ever beautiful Eucharist. Our LORD who is never superficial and always soul-deep!

The Eucharist is always real. Always in person. Always (Jesus’s!) flesh and blood. 

We as humans will never EVER be able to replace the live, in-person Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with some “tele-Mass” or ‘app easy’ way of worshipping!!

In the Mass at Communion, God is in you, flesh and blood, soul and spirit… not just staring down at you from the Heavens, not just in your beloved spouse or children… but really, literally, physically and metaphysically, INSIDE you!

It’s SO intimate. It’s SO personal. That is, Jesus’s love for you and how He expresses it in the Mass. Social media can’t water His holy sacrifice down!

God invites us to his house, and he calls us to this body/soul UNION when we visit Him. We need Him and Our hearts were made for His! Our hearts ache for His heart, His heart aches for our heart. And in the Eucharist we are ONE with Our Lord. Not just figuratively but literally, body and soul. 

O my. Now that’s intimate. 

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