#familygoals & love languages

Went out to the shops today before the (secular, at least) “holiday season” is over. Stumbled upon these signs– a few gems I wanted to remember.

That middle phrase totally made me laugh thinking about my mom, who has been a busy bee after she’s retired. And what’s humbling is that she’s taken her role as “mom” and “grandmother” to a whole new level now that she’s retired.

The other two phrases were what touched me most, however: “Home is where we laugh the most and are loved the best” & “When in doubt, hug it out.”

The former? Total #familygoals! How beautiful: to make our home the place where we laugh the most… and are loved the BEST.. no matter what.

I want JOY and ACCEPTANCE  to triumph in our domestic church, in all seasons of life– as individuals and as a family.

The latter? Totally my modus operandi. My primary “love language” (a la Gary Chapman’s “five love languages”)  is physical touch.

I honestly believe God gave us our physical bodies not only to be His hands and His feet to others, but also to be His arms, His voice, His heart.

I feel so blessed that in my dear husband, I meet Christ daily, particularly in his hugs. I hope I can be the same to him, to our son, and to others!


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