To my amazement (because I always thought thirty sounded so old growing up), I actually did it: I turned thirty! Perhaps this will be my last post on this “20-something” blog. Or, perhaps I will just stick with it as a thirty-something! But for now, I’ll write….

Yes, I am thirty now. Yes, I am amazed at that. I sit here thankful. I sit here feeling very blessed– and not “blessed” at all because of my own merit, but because of the generosity of a loving God.

God has taken me through three decades of LIFE. And my, how I thought I was “wise” when I was ten (I was a”know it all” kinda kid)… all the way up till twenty! But the past decade taught me a lot. And I think every year, it had me closer to getting down on my knees in humility.

Now, at thirty, I think that I finally realize that I am all but a FOOL in so many ways. And… that’s not such a bad thing after all. It’s an awesome thing, in fact. Realizing how weak and unknowing I am, I am able to trust. I am able to grow.

The three biggest things I’ve experienced in my twenties? Working as a counselor professionally, getting married and becoming “wife,” and getting pregnant and becoming “mommy.”

All three experiences had me learning the ropes in something big that this world calls “Love.” How to love people in my job. How to love my husband. How to love my son. And the latter two? They’ve been the ultimate journey in my vocation as a woman. And those new roles of “wife” and “mommy” have helped me to love myself, and God, and others outside my little family better, too.

I walk into my thirties yearning not for more things, not for more accomplishments… but rather, for less things, and for more passion-filled, timeless moments.

I want to spend this new year LOVING and BUILDING the KINGDOM of GOD… with Love.  And where else do I start but bottom up, in my own life, arms outstretched to Heaven? LORD knows that I need His grace.

My first resolution for this new year is to be closer to the LORD via more personal prayer time.

My second resolution for this new year is to love my husband and my son more deeply– and to look at my role as wife and mother with a sense of grateful awe and wonder.

How can I make those two resolutions more attainable? I have yet to ponder that.

Happy New Year, dear readers. My hope is that you find much joy in the gift of this new beginning.FB_IMG_1451582637217

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