our call to discipleship

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A while ago, I hugged my husband really tightly, only to find myself faceplanting into some of my son’s spit-up on his shirt. We both laughed heartily. “This is our vocation!” Matt said matter-of-factly, smiling. We hugged tighter.

Last week, while both of us super-tired new parents had dinner, I twiddled my fork in my food while pondering a little. Feeling very exhausted and blown over by a melancholy mood, I decided that I needed some reminders about how we committed and chose this crazy life. “So… what is the meaning of life?” I asked my husband. 

His response? “To become saints. To make sure we both do, and to help to lead our son to become a saint as well.”

I am so glad I married this man. Others may disagree or have other priorities and values, obviously. But on the day we wed, we knew we both had the same set, rooted in Our LORD.

My hubs reminds me of my priorities and values when, in the helter skelter that life sometimes is, I have forgotten those priorities and values which we so deeply share at the core of our hearts.

And I’m so humbled and thankful, because I don’t know where I’d be without his love which always somehow leads me to God’s love and will for my life, the best love of all and the greatest adventure of all respectively!

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