newlywed reflections

‘Tis been a long while, but I feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to blog! So what’s new in this Catholic twenty-something’s life?

Well, I am a married woman now.


And I am a mother now.

Yes– I am my dear beloved’s wife, and I am pregnant. My, how life has changed. And abundantly so!

In the past half year or so I have: moved to another state, lived with a new female roommate, started a new job, gotten married, gone on an international honeymoon, given a handful of chastity-related talks, endured my fair share of pregnancy symptoms… gone on 18 plane flights… whew!!!

Yet in all of these changes, Jesus, my LORD and my God, hasn’t changed one bit. Thousands of miles away from home but He’s the same now and forever!

In daily and Sunday Mass and in Adoration chapels here, I have encountered that same Lord that I worshiped, adored, glorified, and, moreover, felt loved by back home. 

Jesus hasn’t changed here.

Getting married has also created a new sense of “home” and stability in my life that transcends any other forms of stability I have known! My husband is now is “one flesh” with me! He is united to me in a supernatural, ineffable, inexplicable, mysterious way, and in our humanity, we (according to the theology of the body) mirror the Mystery of the Holy Trinity (three persons, yes, but one God nonetheless). Mind-blowing!

We are also ONE FLESH that no man call tear apart! šŸ˜±šŸ˜±

I am being called to transfiguration, to new wineskin: to build a domestic church with this man. And together, my husband and I will walk the Way of the Cross in a way we have never experienced before.

My prayer is that love, laughter, humility, vulnerability, genuine and selfless surrender, and confident individuality– tempered with a sense for the common good– will pervade our marriage and family life.

Yes, these are lofty ideals to pursue and to fight for, but Jesus never promised an easy Gospel. He preached a Gospel laden with earthly trials yet with priceless erernal reward.