love, as per this day in June…

love is…

…your boyfriend staying up late to talk to you even though he’s an early sleeper. oh, and paying for every single plane ticket for you to visit him.

…your mother going on business and working so hard, so close to retirement, because she still wants to provide for the family by paying the mortgage on a house where all the family parties are.

…your 88-year-old grandmother being patient with you as she waits for you to assist her as you speak with your boyfriend on the phone.

…your whole family getting together for your cousin’s high school graduation. aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone.

…your father telling you there’s coffee ready with enthusiasm.

…your older brother letting you borrow his laptop for over a month so that you can use it for graduate school, as yours has broken.

…your older sister being so hospitable to you when you visit her home even though she has a newborn and a toddler boy of whom to take care.

…your brother-in-law making you extra food and saying, “well, it’s there and if it magically disappears, then that’s good too!” after you tell him you’re full.

…your “lil sissy” being so appreciative of the humble chocolate chip cookies and card you gave her for her high school graduation.

…your 4-year-old nephew’s eyes lighting up when you tell him you can take him to the park.

…your cousins’ Facebook threading and tweeting and texting you at random hours of the day, sometimes about completely ridiculous and fun things, other times about serious things like prayer requests.

…your middle school cousin saying, “what? who says you can move? I say we take a vote!” then having all of your cousins take a “vote” in which only one of many say you can actually move! LOL

…Jesus waiting for you in the Eucharist.

The list goes on and on. That’s why I dated this post– because I know it will be a forever “to be continued.”


The day they took the “vote.” LOL! This is just a few of ’em… I wonder what would happen if they all voted.

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