a Light bearer I know

Have you ever met someone filled with Light… and when you meet them… you just know?

You just know that that person has a deep trust in Our LORD Jesus Christ, and that that person derives his or her joy from Him.

You know from that person’s glances, words, and actions.

You can see it in his or her eyes, and voice. You can see it in everything he or she does.

Christ is his or her light. He or she is a Light bearer.

Such a person I know is my boyfriend.

“Glory and praise to Our God! Let us sing glory and praise!” I’ve never told my boyfriend this, but when I hear this song at Mass, I think of him. I’ve pondered why, and concluded that it is because I can tell that this is exactly how my boyfriend feels about life– about his purpose and meaning– at the core of his heart. My boyfriend has a joyful, grateful heart, filled with the Light of Christ. I know that my boyfriend lives to give glory and praise to Our Lord.

Well, tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday, and I’d like to say that I am so blessed to be best friends with such a Light bearer. I am so very blessed to share that purpose and meaning with him.

Christ, be our Light! Shine in our hearts; shine through the darkness.


Found a picture of some WYD Madrid 2011 pilgrims. Can’t you tell by their smiles that Christ is in their hearts, and is their joy and meaning? Fellow Light bearers of my generation! (c) piercedhearts.org



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