I wake up for him

You thought I meant for my boyfriend, hm? Nope. Well, OK, I really do look forward to his good morning calls or text messages. But there’s Someone infinitely more important (no offense to my dear boyfriend).

In the morning, every morning, I wake up for Jesus. Moreover, I wake up hungry for Him in the Eucharist!

When the Holy Spirit somehow, in His kindness, awakens me to a new day, do you know what I should be able to hear? I should be able to hear Christ whispering to me! And O how lovely it is when I am listening well!

As Song of Solomon 2:10 reads:

“Behold my beloved speaketh to me: Arise, make haste, my love, my dove, my beautiful one, and come.”

Jesus says this to me every morning. Not only does He want me to “come away” with Him by inviting Him into every moment of my day. He also invites me to meet Him as He comes down for me on the altar.

Even more exhilarating, every Holy Mass, my Beloved LORD asks me if I will let Him enter into me– if I agree to willingly receive Him– in the form of the Eucharist!

What an invitation. There are no words. What God in the Universe would do such a humble, romantic thing?

In college, I heard a priest once say: “A day without a Mass, if one can attend, is a day wasted.”

O, how verily so.

I pray that I will never take Our LORD’s invitation to receive Him in the Eucharist for granted. That priest was right. Not to go to a daily Mass, when I am so able, truly is to waste my day. The Mass is the highlight of any day on earth, so long as I shall live, because it is there that I meet my true Love, receive Him, and am one with Him. It is there that I give back to Him all that I will do or all that I have done throughout the day, and moreover, all of who I am, in love!

If Your LORD and Your GOD is offering Himself to you daily, body, blood, soul, and divinity, in the Eucharist— in the “form” of bread and wine, but truly JESUS Himself– what, o what, is holding you back?!

So you say you want a revolution?

Let’s start a revolution.

A Eucharistic revolution.


Eucharistic miracles: they’re real. Jesus is waiting for you to meet Him at the altar, to receive Him, to adore Him. He wants you to carry Him with you wherever you are! He wants to enter your body and your soul.

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