Check out what they’ve been doing at the Life Teen headquarters…

If you’re young, Catholic, and trying to LIVE OUT your Faith, it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! That’s exactly what I learned when I was in high school and went to Life Teen youth ministry meetings. (And that’s exactly what I learned in college and beyond, in faith and fellowship with other young adults on fire for Our LORD!)

Watching this video of the Life Teen headquarters employees just livin’ a little totally made me (and my older brother) LOL.  Just because Catholic young adults try to be “in the world, but not of the world” (Romans 12:2), it doesn’t mean we are to live on another planet, under a rock! As evidenced here. 😛

But really, in all honesty, I feel so inspired (and have since I was a teen) going to talks where we hear: “Young people, YOU are the future of the Catholic Church– the Body of Christ here on earth!”

Living out the Faith in this day and age is anything BUT boring.

It’s exciting, learning to die to the ways of the world.

It’s exciting, being the embodied Light of the Gospel in a realm of darkness.

It’s exciting, fighting as Christ’s DISCIPLES and WARRIORS on earth.

It’s simply exhilarating, finding a purpose and meaning beyond yourself, that can last for generations and generations after you.

It’s awe-inspiring, seeing God help, heal, and TRANSFORM the lives of those that you come into contact with, through you, His weak instrument.

It’s amazing, seeing God be a loving Father to all who need Him, through you.

It’s countercultural.

It’s revolutionary.

It’s the greatest adventure we will ever live.

And yes, it’s so REFRESHING, knowing that you don’t have to just sit in a pew, and leave your worshiping to that. No. You see, a real faith will CHANGE THE WORLD.

I laughed when my cousin, who I told should go to World Youth Day, responded with: “But I don’t want to just pray all day.” HAHAHA. Seriously?! Man… I thought.

If she only knew about all of the amazing young adults that I met in WYD Madrid 2011, she would realize that the Holy Spirit was not dormant in them. They weren’t “just praying all day” (and hey, there’s nothing wrong with a cloistered life, anyway). But in all honestly, these young adults were filled with GRACE. They were ON FIRE. The Holy Spirit was MOVING in them.

Being a Catholic teen or young adult today is anything but boring. It’s a great, great adventure. And Our LORD is smiling down upon us, asking us to cling to Him, DYING on the CROSS, rising from the GRAVE, flying towards HEAVEN, through ALL of the IMMENSE STRUGGLES, knowing that the reason for our zeal is Him!

A young, zealous, passionate, resurrected faith, ascending towards the Heavens… now, that’s what I pray the Spirit kindle in my heart.


With the OLDEST World Youth Day 2011 volunteer in Madrid! She was the cutest granny I had ever seen! Note it was likely 100 degrees or more, Fahrenheit, and there were 2 million teens and young adults. I hope my faith stays forever young like this abuelita!

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