God wants your heart.. AND SO DOES SATAN.

Spiritual warfare exists. Every day, God pursues your heart. And so does Satan.

I swear. I just experienced it very keenly about an hour ago.

Yet I realize… it’s an every day battle. In the little things and the big things. There is always a battle for our heart.

Satan wants to detour you from staying in God’s Kingdom, from forever residing with God. And boy, is Satan deceptively cunning. He attracts. After all, He was one of God’s highest and most beautiful angels.

He wants your soul for all the selfish reasons… because he does not want you to experience happiness– the happiness that he willingly lost.

So ask yourself… and be honest…

Who are you living for? Who will you die for? Who are you fighting for?

God? Or Satan?

If we’re not for God, we’re against Him. Perhaps we’re running away from the Light for which we were made. Perhaps we’re hiding. But it’s not bringing us any closer.

Yet God is pursuing us… Are you listening? Are you watching out for Him?

Oftentimes, I find I am not. But I want this to change. I want to keep getting better and better at these practices. I don’t want my heart to be stolen without my knowing.

Saint Benedict is awesome because he reminds us about our mortality and our consequent propensity to weakness. In fact, Saint Benedict is often known as a “patron of a happy death.” The front of his medal reads: “May we be strengthened by his presence in the hour of our death.”

The back of the medal of Saint Benedict reads: “May the Holy Cross be my Light! May the Dragon never be my guide!” (The “Dragon?” Satan.) And under the word “Peace,” it also reads: “Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!

Now what’s “the poison,” you ask?

According to the legend of Saint Benedict, during a Mass in which he was to consecrate bread and wine to become the Body and Blood of Christ, hostile monks attempted to poison him, and poisoned the communion bread and wine. However, when Saint Benedict tried to bless the wine, the cup in which it was contained shattered when he made the sign of the cross over it. This cup is featured on his medal. Supposedly, a raven (also featured on the medal) flew in and carried away the poisoned bread before Saint Benedict consecrated it as well.

Saint Benedict is said to be one of the greatest saints to call upon for deliverance from evil spirits. The Benedictine Crucifix– a crucifix with the medal of Saint Benedict on it– is used in exorcisms.  And with Whose power does Saint Benedict ward off demons? CHRIST’S.

Let us never forget that while we can experience the amazing, wonderful power of GOD, another opposing power equally exists, and it is that of Satan.

We must be keenly aware of spiritual warfare and how Satan wants our heart. More importantly, we must also be confident and vigilant in knowing that, so long as we continue to follow Christ’s Light, God will protect our heart with all that He is!


(c) SouthernFriedCatholicism. Read more about the medal below!

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