I want to be that woman…

That inspires my boyfriend to be a better man.

Chastity can be DIFFICULT. (Especially with that I’m-in-love high.) Modesty can be HARD. (It’s tempting not to just “be a girl.”) Trying to live a “Culture of LIFE” can be a tremendous CHALLENGE. (Especially in my generation.) I know from personal experience.

Women have the power to either: let boys (forever) be boys, or turn boys into real men.

How we women talk, walk, dress, act, even think… and convey those thoughts… will have men either treat us condescendingly, like objects… or treat us like princesses, like queens, like the crown of all humanity– which, as God’s daughters, we are!

God was no chauvinist. In real Christian lenses, women are no weaklings. Rather, God empowered women with a beautiful femininity that speaks volumes and can, in fact, control men.

Talk, walk, dress, act, think immodestly and with no respect for yourself? Then you will get a man who will also disrespect you, use you and take away your dignity, and care nothing about your heart.

Talk, walk, dress, act, think modestly and with respect for yourself? Then you will get a man who will respect you and be inspired to uphold your dignity, to protect your heart. Kind of like St. Joseph. He was married to Mother Mary, the most RAVISHING, beautiful woman of all time– and yet he respected and protected her virginity and dignity.

God made Adam and said it was “not good for man to be alone.” And then God made Eve. This speaks volumes. Man needed woman to be fully alive. Women bring out the best in men. And they can also bring out the worst in men.

It’s so hard to be a woman like Mother Mary in this day and age. Everything in the media and in pop culture tells me that I need to use my femininity to be sexy, to have the perfect body, to attract attention.

But is that beauty?

Mother Mary used her femininity to serve God: not to be sexy, to be beautiful. Not to have the perfect body, but to be the perfect bodily vessel of God. Not to attract attention to herself, but to attract attention to a grace within that was Light in a dark, dark world.

That’s the kind of woman I want to be. I want to inspire my boyfriend to be a better man. I want to show people grace, light, and beauty.

It’s HARD to be chaste, modest, and turn to a culture of LIFE all the time. But it’s worth it.

Grace, light, and beauty…


After an ice skating date, still in our skates. It was a wildly fun time with my “St. Joseph.”

2 thoughts on “I want to be that woman…

  1. 2openhands says:

    Great post and awesome insight! I will pray that you and your boyfriend continue to inspire each other towards holiness and heaven.
    I will caution you though and other women reading that no one can “turn boys into real men.” We must make that decision ourselves, lay our own life down. No one can do that for us…
    That being said, the Grace, Light and Beauty of a woman seeking God and affirming our efforts has more power than ANYTHING on earth to inspire and encourage us to be the men that God wants for you and for His Kingdom.
    Chastity is certainly hard and I would be lying if I said I didn’t struggle with it daily. But I would rather fight and fall and rise and keep fighting than acquiesce to my sin and accept anything less than the infinite dignity that God created and redeemed in each of us (especially women). Christ has brought me redemption. God will give me grace.And the Holy Spirit will show me how to live and love as man and the husband that I’m called to be. So long as I say yes…
    I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have found a woman who inspires me to say”yes” and “yes, for the rest of my life”
    I pray that everyone finds that peace, grace and love.


    • rosannanoelle says:

      Thank you so much for the prayers. We will be praying for you both as well! Your comment brings much insight and a necessary male POV into my thoughts. In fact, you have inspired me to perhaps re-write what I have written– meaning, you’ve changed my POV in a meaningful way. Keep being a soldier of Christ! God bless.


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