in Your mysteries. I meet You.

Doing, doing, doing. What ever happened to my contemplative soul? To the inner spirit within… The young woman so one with Love Himself?

Recently someone pointed: “We just do, do, do, but do we ever stop and ask, ‘God, is this even what You WANT me to do?'”

It made me think: It’s time that I prioritize being one with the Lord (and those He has gifted me with!) over being busy in His name!

Sometimes, I feel that I know what is best for myself and seemingly fly into automatic pilot. Yet God may be whispering and asking something completely different of me!

But God should be pilot. Where does He want to fly me? Am I being too stubborn of a co-pilot, and taking myself on an unnecessary detour?

God would like us to meet Him in His mystery. Through our ordinary work and ordinary circumstances in addition to the Sacraments!

And God would like us to meet Him in our very loved ones. After all, they are made in His very image and likeness, and He has so graciously gifted us with them in particular to live out our vocations!

Do we have enough time for God?

Do we have enough time for the souls that God means us to love and to serve the most?

Or are we just flying on autopilot?

Every day, we need to contemplate God’s mystery by meeting Him there. It is then that we can discern if we are letting Him be our pilot.

He’s in control. And His Will is most adventuresome… Let us never think otherwise!


…my favorite poster from World Youth Day 2011, in Madrid… 🙂

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