Down With The Chastity CHALLENGE! (What a GIFT.)


Adoration. It does a couple good.

Chastity is the most exciting thing about courtship!! As a young woman, I feel so cherished, loved, and respected when I can see that my boyfriend is going out of his way to be the chastity leader of our courtship / dating relationship! And in that way, chastity is also such a gift. God gives it to us to give to one another, and then back to Him!

Honestly, my love for my boyfriend just grows like a wild fire when I know that he is doing his best to keep our affection pure. But it grows in a purified Eros kinda way (yup, totally possible!). Like the Song of Song says, we are better off NOT stirring up a fire that should not be awakened yet, however. That dangerous type of fire would mean impure Eros: lust.

We are human, and sometimes we put our feet a bit too close to that dangerous fire. But alas, Our Lord reminds us precisely that… Danger! Stay away! His mercy (especially in Confession) also tells us that we can get better and better from staying away from that fire that we shouldn’t be near.

Contrary to what the world says… Making out / sensual hugging and kissing / sexual passionate acts / sex NEED to be saved for marriage because our hearts NEED to be protected.

It is not about “Thou shall not”s. God wants the best for us. At the core of it all, God knows what our human hearts need– He made them, after all! Our hearts need LOVE, not lust!

Love is about giving; and lust? Lust is about using. Ew.

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t always feel like our wills are lined up with God’s Will. But emotions need not run wild and decide how we are to love FOR us (as if emotions had a brain). Rather, we must conscientiously decide with both our mind and our heart that chastity a. simply speaks dignity b. preserves the dignity of marriage. Wow.

Marriage is a priceless vocation, after all… I mean, it IS essentially marriage that our hearts are aiming to buy into it after courtship!

Maybe my boyfriend and I will marry; maybe we will not. Until then, my body is God’s, and even my heart in many ways. The same applies to my boyfriend.

Without chastity, my courtship would fall flat pretty quickly. The lines between love and lust would become blurred and inevitably fade altogether. The purified passion reserved for my future marriage would drain away!

Recently, my boyfriend asked me: “Have you ever thought about how our relationship belongs to God?” It stands true. Courtship is a gift from God– and that means everything in it is to be holy and pure!

Why do we all seem to make excuses? Little excuses can turn into big excuses regarding sexual impurity. Let’s save ourselves from the pride that inevitably comes before the fall.

We have to change our mentality.

Chastity is an exciting challenge.

Chastity is a beautiful gift from God.

Who wants to use or to be used? No one. Who wants a mediocre marriage or a divorce? No one.

Who wants real love and a vocation, a means to holiness, that will last? I DO! (No pun intended.)

I’m down for the chastity challenge.

And I pray with all my heart that you are, too.

Freedom and joy await.

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