Past, Present, & Future: All is HIS


One of my favorite St. Augustine quotes is:

“Trust the past to the mercy of God, the present to His Love, and the future to His Providence.”

Truly, my life has been akin to a train ride with God working as the conductor! As I trust my everything to Him, I can’t help but to stand in awe and in gratitude of all with which He gifts me!

I mean… Here I am, lying down in a bed halfway across the nation… In the home of a warm, friendly relative… Who just so happens to live in the same city as my long distance boyfriend… Who I met so unexpectedly over a year ago!

Who would have known I would be dating him, and that I would have found out I have such kind family members in the same city of which he lives?

I guess the answer is: God knew!!

Every day, I realize just how much He takes care of me, provides for me, and guides me!

My past is in His hands; He has shed His blood to wash me clean.

My present is in His hands; He has led the way that I may walk His tracks.

And my future is in His hands; He is my Father who will lead me Home!

There has been planning on my part, yes, but also unforeseen travels I would have never anticipated as, say, a college freshman.

My vocation seems to be unraveling bit by bit, turn by turn, in little and big ways. And who is to say it won’t ever go some other way down the track?

All I know is that God’s in charge. It’s His railroad, and He is the conductor! Destination: Heaven. Yes, it’s all God’s Will– “G Dub”– that’ll get us there!

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