battle for your heart

“If they shall not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither should they be persuaded if someone should be risen from the dead” (Gospel reading: Luke 16:31).

Jesus has a good point. If someone hadn’t believed Moses and the prophets– and all of those signs and wonders and miracles and covenants kept!– why should they believe someone has risen from the dead? Moreover, would they ever believe that the Son of God would rise from the dead?

There have been times in my life that Jesus seemed like such a distant reality. His life and His death and His rising didn’t make sense, and it didn’t seem to matter much to me or to my world. But the two things that brought me closer to Him, and to understanding and appreciating His crucifixion and His resurrection, were my sin and my suffering. It was through my wrongdoings and my hardships that I finally began to understand the Cross, and the resurrection into new life that Christ gave me through His Cross!

Satan will constantly try to dissuade us from passionately believing in the saving power of the risen Christ. Satan will constantly try to dissuade us from loving the Cross and from embracing our own crosses. The father of all lies, satan will try to tell us that the Cross is not relevant to this day and age, and that carrying our cross is unnecessary, foolish, idiotic.

Catholic twenty-somethings, we cannot listen to the lies. Let us pray that Christ, He who IS Truth, and not satan (the father of all lies), always wins that every day battle for our heart!

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