Jesus: a “Daddy” at <3

Jesus teaches us the “perfect prayer” today, the Our Father (Gospel reading; 8:51-59). He tells us that we are not to babble in our prayers, for Our Father in Heaven already knows everything.

I find the part about not babbling very… comforting. Jesus is saying that we truly are the children of God, and this is how He sees us: as His children. He knows exactly what to do to take care of us.

A baby doesn’t need to go on and on about how his diaper needs to be changed. He or she may simply cry in discomfort, and his mother or father knows exactly what to do (swap that dirty diaper for a clean one!) and does it.

Our prayers to Our Father are like our cries to Heaven. In teaching us the Our Father, which says “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,” Jesus shows us that that simple cry out to God for His will to be done is enough! We cry out to Our Father that we need Him, and He provides us with what He knows we need.

May we always have childlike trust in the Lord, most especially when we are most anxious. And while He is Our Father “who art in Heaven,” He is closer than we think! For He is Our “Abba”– Our “Daddy”!– and He provides for us when we call out to Him, though sometimes not in ways we would prefer. However, He is always loving us with His Fatherly love, and giving us what is best for us, even when we cannot understand it.

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