Rising Above the Skin-Deep: Being “Hot” vs. Being Beautiful

We women are bombarded with messages from the media that chip away at or shamelessly tear down our inherent dignity as women. These messages deduce multi-layered feminine beauty to “hotness” and perfect measurements.

We spew out self-deprecating comments regarding our outer appearance. And these thoughts soon become the norm. But let’s stop ourselves for just a second. Is this how we want to evaluate our self worth?

When we feed into the skewed mentality that image translates into self worth, we blind ourselves to the fact that what shines most brilliantly in us is our virtue and who we are as unique persons! In the core of our hearts, we women know that we were created to be cherished not for our looks, but for our captivating souls.

An intense conflict thus arises within. We attempt the impossible: to reconcile our innate desire to be cherished for who we are with society’s unrealistic demands about what we should look like. However, truly beautiful women  emanate this pervading aura that, sans any words at all, assertively states: “I am an original, not a carbon copy. I have something irreplaceable to give to this world: myself! I respect myself,  I love myself, body and soul.”

Ladies, we are not just hot bodies and pretty faces. A toned stomach, perfect skin, and luscious lips only go so far. After all, “superficials” are, by definition, merely skin-deep. Growing in virtue, on the other hand, has no limit!

Being confident in who we are as individuals truly captivates. With our unique personalities, talents, and gifts, why let self-centered obsession stop us from joyfully living and joyfully giving life to others?

Mother Mary is said to be the most beautiful woman who ever walked this earth. In her apparitions to various peoples, she always appears as the most radiant handmaiden their country claims to have ever seen. Would we dare say that Mother Mary is “hot”? No. She is beautiful, because of her outer aura of femininity, her inner realm of celestial purity, and the fact that she is herself, which just so happens to be the Mother of God!

Let us not forget that we, too, have the same gift of femininity that Our Blessed Mother possesses. We were made to radiate beauty on the outside, yes, but much more powerfully from the inside– every one of us a unique masterpiece of God.

“There is a radiance in your heart that the world desperately needs.”

–John and Stasi Eldredge

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